Bad subtitles reporting – My Comments

Before two month i place a “Report Bad Subtitle” link where you can make a report about bad or corrupted subtitles. Since then i have received more than 300 mails about bad subtitles. I have reviewed all of your mails and i give answers to few of you. The most frequently problem is the synchronization of the subtitle with the movie. To fix this problem read my older post here: Synchronize Subtitles.

Other problems you have is that the subtitles appears in a non understandable format. To fix this problem you have to read my post here: None understandable Subtitles

Some of you have problem with their player. I recommend to download K-Lite Codec Pack ( I think it’s the best free player and collection of codecs in the market and it includes DirectVobSub, a program to handle your subtitles.

I have to mention that sometimes you are unable to download a subtitles, or the download link seems to be broken. This is due to the overloading of our server and it can’t serve you and give you the subtitles you request. In this case wait for few minutes and try again. Don’t send bad reporting email.