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We receive dozens of emails everyday with people having problem synchronize the subtitles with their movie. I will write down few simple steps that will help you solve this problem.

First of all, the best packet (with player and encoders) for playing movies is K-Lite Codec Pack. You can download it for free from here:

Download K-Lite Codec Pack

When you download a subtitle their is a possibility that is not synchronized with the movie. You can download other subtitle and try again. Put there is a much easier way to do this.

When you play your movie with Media Player Classic (it is included in K-Lite Codec Pack) an icon appears on the Taskbar of Windows. This icon is for the DirectVobSub, a program that control the speed of the appearance of the subtitle and some other futures.



If you double click on this icon a window will appear. Click on the tab Timing

Timing tab

Timing tab

In the option Subtitle Timing their is a field called Delay. This field is responsible for how much time the subtitles will be in front or backward form the movie.

Attention: The field Delay is measured in millisecond (1 sec = 1000 msec)

Which means that if i play my movie and i see that the subtitles are backward (for example 14 sec) from the movie i will place the following value to the Delay field:

Delay = -14000 msec = -14 x 1000


Delay = 14000 msec = 14 x 1000

To find how much time the subtitles are in front or backward form the movie you have to do a simple thing. Play the movie and record the time when the subtitles first appears (X) and when the dialogs start in the movie (Y).

Then if X > Y

Delay = X – Y

If Y > X

Delay = Y – X

6 thoughts on “Synchronize Subtitles

  1. lior

    i tried to use the subtitles option in the play menu in MPC and to configure there delay for the subtitles. but it didnt do any affect.

    any idea why?

    (i am using srt subtites in the same folder as the moviei see )

  2. Andreas


    1- Subtitlesync (webpage)—-two ways of sncronization. Standard and advanced.
    2- SubMagic. Free software-also Standard and advanced.
    Very useful when subtitles get out of sync every now and then. You can intervene on each one subltitle-they re ALL in a list by time.

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