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Minor Changes

After a long time, i find time to post in this blog.

We have done some minor graphical changes to the design of the website that you will find it easier to navigate.

Also, we have improved our server capabilities sou you can browse into the website smoothly.

Just to now,  we have removed since long time ago the comment capability.

Comments and Others updates

We have add a new feature in our site. Now you can post comments for a subtitle. You comments will be reviewed before posted.

We added also a new feature called subtitles preview where you can have a look at the first 8 lines of a subtitle. This think is good to check if the subtitles has a different language than the one is supposed to have.

By the way, we have done small fixes in the appearance of few things in the site.

Bad subtitles reporting

Under the download link i have placed a link which gives you the ability to report bad subtitles (wrong subtitles, unfinished subtitles, wrong language subtitles…).

We read all of your e-mails and we try to resolve all the problems the soonest possible.

Site update

hello to everyone,

I have made some updates in the site. As you can see i have removed some unnecessary graphics that was making the site look a little bit dark and  redesign the results page.

Finally I make a new download page where is more easy to navigate.